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Everyday Essentials

For my first ever real blog post, I thought I could kick things off by showing you and talking to you about my Everyday Essentials.


I can not live without a good bronzer. Bronzer to me is easily one of the most important steps of my makeup routine. I believe a bronzer can take any flat and lifeless base to the next level. It gives the face some shape and shade and is even perfect for those days that you don't want to wear a full face of makeup. At least, that is what a good bronzer can do. My favorite bronzer at the moment is definitely the CAIA Cosmetics Gold Coast Glow Bronzer. I won't talk too much about this certain product in this post because I will write a review on it soon. All will say about it is that it is amazing and I think you all should get it!


Even though a bronzer gives the face some contrast, I believe that blush is necessary for a good-looking base. A small amount of blush can make any complexion look so much more awake and natural. The blush that I am currently using and loving is the Blush of Paradise from L'Oréal Paris in the shade Life's a Peach. What I love about this blush so much is that it, first of all, is the perfect peachy shade that works so well with my skin tone. But it also has a beautiful, very light, golden shimmer which gives me such a nice healthy looking glow. A big plus is that it smells of peaches, which reminds me so much of summer. Blush is also another product perfect for those days you only want to wear a small amount of makeup.


Who can live without a highlighter? Well, not me. I love highlighters so much. I don't have too much to say about it more than, once again, it makes the complexion look more real and makes the skin look healthy instead of powdery. When I choose my highlighter I usually want them a bit more creamy in the formula, like the Murmur Butter Highlighter from Physicians Formula which is in the picture. I love this highlighter because it blends so nicely into the rest of the makeup and it doesn't leave a powder residue. The only downside about it is that I have got it in the shade "Pearl" which I believe is the lightest shade. I would love to use it during summertime but it will be way too light for me.

A trio of a good bronzer, blush and highlighter is almost more essential to me than the foundation and concealer because they can hide a slightly less pretty base.


Eyeshadow is a really important step in my makeup routine, especially shimmers. What eyeshadow palette I use does not really matter, as long as it is quite natural I will use whatever comes in y way, at least for everyday use. But I am quite specific about my shimmers. I guess the reason for that is because shimmers can really make my eyes look a bit more awake and looking tired is something I am quite self-conscious about due to a condition I have found the perfect shimmers, KIKO Milano's Water Eyeshadows and they come in a variety of different shades. Specifically, the one in the picture is in the shade 233 Gold. These shimmers are absolutely AMAZING. If you put them on any other it will just take the look to the next level instantly.


Lips. If I do not have any product on my lips I feel naked. I always carry around a gloss with me. I do like other lip products such as lipsticks and liquid lipsticks for a full beat. But glosses have a very special spot in my heart for everyday use. My favorite glosses at the moment are Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer in Fussy and Maybelline's Lifter Gloss Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Amber. The Fenty Beauty one is such a classic and it has lasted me a very long time now. The Maybelline Lifter Gloss became such a hype when it first was released and is still loved by many. And if you have tried it you can understand why. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid why gives it a moisturizing effect and also plumps the lips. The formula is non-sticky and pigmented. There simply is no reason not to like this gloss, I mean it is even sold at a very affordable price. The Lifter Gloss in the shade Topaz has even been considered a dupe for the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in shade Fenty Glow. Let's just leave it at that.


Brushes to me are equally as important as the makeup product itself. Without proper makeup brushes, the makeup will not be applied beautifully and smoothly. A bad brush or the wrong type of brush can make the application 10 times harder. Therefore I am very careful when I choose my brushes. I have two types of brushes I always use, no matter what look I am doing, it is; an angled and a pencil eyeshadow brush. I love the angled brush because you can use them for both blush and bronzer and it applies the product so nicely as it really hugs the cheek. A pencil eye brush is my go-to eye brush for any eyeshadow look. I love them because they are so precise.

That is it, those are my everyday essentials that I can not live without! I am going to stop rambling now and I would instead love to hear about your everyday essentials! Tell me all about it, what are your everyday essentials?

- Xx Amanda.S

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